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Facebook Recommendation - September 2, 2019

The Warden Auction staff did a wonderful job with my parents' online  auction as we prepare to move them in with us and combine households.  They spent nearly 2 days at their home  and storage unit photographing and logging all the items. The online  auction, preview day, and pickup day all ran incredibly smoothly. This  process was so much easier than trying to do an on site auction! We were  able to log into the online auction any time to see how the bids were  going, and it was fun to watch the bids jump in the last few hours and  minutes. Absolutely worth the fees charged. We never would have made  this much trying to sell each item individually. We highly recommend  Warden Auction! Great people, great customer service. 

Facebook Review - February 10, 2019

 Two Old Broads on The Farm have attended several auctions and have now  participated in their on-line auction.  Very pleased with their  services.  Five stars to you!!!! 

Online Review - March 14, 2018

"Ed and his team do an amazing job! I attended several of his auctions, and have never been disappointed!"

Facebook Review - April 21, 2018

 Our first Warden auction today. This is hands down the best auctioneer  and staff I've seen.  Very aware of their customers and very courteous.   Thanks for the great experience,  we will be looking forward to more of  your auctions. 

From Facebook by V. Wayne. W. - Nov 17, 2018

 They always do a great job. Always courteous. Appreciate each one of you

From Facebook by Bob - Nov 18, 2018

 Great crew. Super professional and courteous 

Reviews Continued

Quote from email - August 21, 2016

 "We attended an estate auction held at "After Dark" building. The Auctioneer was very good at keeping the auction moving along. I really appreciated the friendly workers! We were pressed for time and was happy to hear that we could place an absentee bid on a few items. Thank You for making my husband and friends first auction experience a good one." (Posted by Konnie Delaney on August 21, 2016) 

Quote from Facebook - April 9, 2016

 "WHAT a sale. Those that missed it don't know what they missed. Thanks to Andy Anderson for the big $$ purchase of the bedroom suite going to a NEW house. Beautiful day, lots of buyers. Ed Warden is the man to hire if you have an auction. The family was blessed today with a good turnout. Now maybe we can work on my mothers estate. Its been a long week my feet are killing me. Maybe now I can go camping. Thanks again for those that came and bought items big or small. And remember if you need an auctioneer, Warden Auction is who you call. All workers are professional, clean and respectful. What more could you ask for." (Posted by Leah Helms on April 9, 2016) 

Quote from email dated June 23, 2014

 "Hey Ed,
......... Considering i've never been to an auction before, I think it went very well. Thank you so much for all your work and please tell Cathy and those you had working with you thank you as well..............

Quote from Auction Owners - May 17, 2014

Arlene & I would like to thank you for all the hard work you and your staff did for us in getting ready and the auction Yesterday, May 17. Everything turned out perfect including the weather. Please extend our appreciation to all your staff and the lady who prepared the food. We would recommend your service to anyone who is planning a public auction in the future.
Thanks again!
Pat & Arlene Duggan " 

Quote from Facebook - September 21, 2011

 "Thanks for all of your help, Ed. I am very pleased with the outcome of the auction. You and your crew did a great job!" 

Quote from email - July 13, 2011

 "Take care, Ed. Thank you so very much for doing my father's sale. You and your crew were awesome!!! Marie" 

Quote from Facebook - April 9, 2011

 "the sale was awesome. Thank you everyone for coming, I highly recommend Warden Auction Service to anyone; this is definitely the way to go. They carried everything out of that house, out of the basement, spread it all out. Everyone was treated fairly and respectfully. Thank you so much for all your hard work. And the people that help Ed and Cathy are awesome too. Thank you so much for a job well done. Now on to Texas"